Can I submit a screenplay that has not yet been picked-up by a production company ?


Yes. The selection committee does not take into account whether your project is attached to a production company or not. First and foremost, the scripts are judged upon their potential to become interesting films.


Can I submit a screenplay or treatment for a short film or a film for television ?


No. We do not accept treatments and only consider feature length screenplays tailored for the cinema.


Why do you request an electronic version of my screenplay sent via email ?

Isn’t it dangerous to send my screenplay over the Internet ?


We ask that you send an electronic version of your screenplay for two reasons. First, many of our readers and members of the selection committee are not based in Paris. Secondly, the financial and environmental cost of printing and sending the scripts to our board members around the world make it impossible to work only with “hard copies.”


The majority of the scripts we receive have been copyrighted by their authors- – the only means of protecting your script.


If our script is selected can my co-screenwriter participate in the workshop ?


Unfortunately, we can only accept one screenwriter per screenplay. However, the last day of the workshop consists of a pitch session with three advisors and recap of the week’s meetings, for which your co-author or producer is welcome to attend.


How much will the workshop cost ?


Thanks to the generosity of its sponsors and partners, éQuinoxe to be continued… covers the costs of transportation to and from the workshop as well as accommodations and meals throughout the week.


If I do not have a producer attached to my project will éQuinoxe TBC… help me to find one following the workshop ?


Once the workshop comes to an end, we ask the screenwriters to send us, if they so desire, a revised draft of their screenplay. We then send the revision to two or three of the advisors met during the workshop.


At that time, we may be able to put the screenwriter in contact with other producers or writers, but we cannot, of course, insure or promise any future collaborations. That said, the reputation of éQuinoxe in the film industry for selecting exceptional scripts is such that our “label” can only help a screenplay.


Do you accept scripts for animated films ?


Yes, if the screenplay is feature length.


the genre of the screenplay is not one of criteria taken into account during the selection process. In eQuinoxe’s fifteen-year history, screenplays of all genres, whether they be live-action and animation, have been selected.


Can I get the printed draft of my screenplay back if it is not selected ?


Due to the quantity of screenplays we receive each year, we cannot automatically insure the restitution of your screenplay. However, if you desire that we return your screenplay please enclose a self addressed and stamped envelope with your application.


Is it possible to meet with or speak to the person(s) in charge of the selection process ?


We CANNOT meet or welcome screenwriters at our offices or discuss your script over the phone for the duration of the selection process. The application should provide ample room to express your interest in éQuinoxe and the merits of your screenplay.


Can I submit a revised draft of my script once the selection process has started ?


No. we encourage you to revise your script prior to submitting it.  Generally, selected screenwriters have written at least two or three drafts of their scripts prior to submitting them.


Your script will be judged based upon the version you submit with your application. Furthermore, if your script is selected, it will be sent to your advisors immediately following the selection process. Therefore, we cannot take into account any revisions done during or following the selection process, ie prior to the workshop.


How do I know if my script has been selected ?


The list of the selected screenwriters will be posted on our website on a specified day, also posted on the website.


Who are the advisors ?


The advisors that generously participate in our workshops are experienced, renowned film and writing professionals (producers, screenwriters, directors) from diverse cinematographic and cultural backgrounds. A list of the some 300 past advisors can be found on our website.


The names of the advisors for the upcoming workshop are not divulged prior to the workshop.


How are the scripts actually selected ?


All of the scripts we receive are fully considered.


The first step of the selection process is a pre-selection by the Paris bureau from which approximately one hundred scripts are retained. Following the pre-selection, each script is read by two readers of our committee of readers. The readers provide complete coverages of the scripts. Once translated, the critiques and summaries are read by the selection board, made up of eleven members from around the world.


During an initial meeting, each board member chooses, from the coverages, approximately ten scripts he/she will read in their entirety. Subsequent, weekly meetings allow the board members to discuss and vote upon the scripts they have read. For a script to be selected it must receive a majority vote.


A single screenplay can be discussed over a number of weeks and is read, in the majority of cases, by multiple members of the board over the two-month selection process.