atelier onLine 2015


the first online screenwriting workshop

To be selected for the eQuinoxetbc online sreenwriting workshop you must be :

. a screenwriter with a feature film script, have submitted it by Oct 31st, 2015

. you must be available between december 7th – 14, 2015 to take part in 5 x one-to-one online meetings, and 1 x group summary meeting

. you must have an adequate broadband connection and be able to use Skype

selection process

Each script will be reviewed by a reader and then submitted to the eQuinoxetbc selection committee.

Oct. 31st 2015 the submission deadline

Nov. 20th 2015 the selection date

Dec. 7th to 14th the worshop dates

Processing and submission fees €50

workshop process

Each selected writer will have online script meetings with five different advisors – experienced film professionals, screenwriters, directors and producers. In the course of the discussion with each advisor, the screenwriter will benefit from feedback and suggestions as to how best advance the story, its characters, structure, dialogue …

To complete the workshop, a final group meeting will take place between the writer and their five advisors. This will allow for a coherent plan to be reviewed and discussed in order to help the screenwriter move forward towards their next draft, with new ideas, insights and energy.

workshop timetable

The online interviews with the speakers will be held  via Skype.

Each screenwriter will need  an Internet connection and to be available for each scheduled session.

The duration of each session is decided by the advisor.

final conference session

The final event of the workshop is an online conference meeting that gives the screenwriter the opportunity to discuss with their advisors the ideas and observations that have been covered in the previous one to one sessions, and put together a plan to move towards a new script draft. It also gives the advisors the chance to provide any final guidance or feedback.
Over the course of the following year, the screenwriter may choose one of their advisors to give feedback on their new draft. This submission will be made through eQuinoxetbc and will be subject to the advisor’s availability.